Centennial Park

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Centennial Park

Address:West End Ave-between 25th & 28th Aves
Nashville, TN 37201

Web: www.nashville.gov/parks/
Size: 500 acres.
Location:Two miles west of downtown Nashville.
Facilities:Picnic sites, lake, paddleboat rentals, pool, historic monuments, art museum, bandshell, tennis center, Sportsplex.
Activities:Boating, swimming, tennis, volleyball, ice skating.
Special Features:Home of the only full-scale reproduction of the world-famous Parthenon. Structure houses an art museum and the Athena Parthenos (statue of Athena), the tallest indoor sculpture in the western world.

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DESIGNER FRAMES and lens brand Jai Kudo has expanded and moved from its London base into new premises in Centennial Park, Elstree, Hertfordshire.
Across the border, at Adelaide's Centennial Park Cemetery, an exhumation was taking place.
Dwares' Centennial Park LLC bought the property for $3.
At Centennial Park, the largest cemetery and crematorium in Adelaide, only two hymns still rank among its top 10 most popular funeral songs: Amazing Grace and Abide With Me.
Adelaide's Centennial Park cemetery plants trees to offset the site's emissions, and Koekisha, a major funeral home operator in Osaka, Japan, uses dry ice and a cold insulator to reduce carbon emissions from bodies.
The runner, from Oak Road, West Bromwich, and his guide runner Malcolm Mad Mac Carr, began the eleven laps of Centennial Park at 9.
Heeley and his sighted guide Malcolm Carr took four hours and 40 minutes to run 11 laps of Centennial Park in Sydney yesterday morning.
Since August 25, 2007, the day the dreaded EI was diagnosed at Sydney's Centennial Park, the industry has had to deal with a phenomenon it never thought would visit these shores.
The main focus is on state capitals with Sydney's features including Centennial Park, Hyde Park and Circular Quay along with the University of Sydney campus.
The Bloom Committee also wishes to recognize these businesses with an Honorable Mention: The Comfort Inn; Paoletti's; Annie's Country Kitchen, and the Centennial Park created by the Rotarians.
This summer, as the town of Munster celebrates 100 years, it will unveil Centennial Park, a 200-acre tract with two botanical gardens, a dog park, walking trails and amphitheater.

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