Center of Action

center of action

[′sen·tər əv ′ak·shən]
A semipermanent high or low atmospheric pressure system at the surface of the earth; fluctuations in the intensity, position, orientation, shape, or size of such a center are associated with widespread weather changes.

Center of Action


an area of high or low atmospheric pressure on charts of the global distribution of surface pressure. Centers of action are a statistical result of the prevalence of anticyclones or cyclones in a particular region. A distinction is made between semipermanent and seasonal centers of action; in Russian, the semipermanent centers are called permanent (postoiannye, or permanentnye) centers. The semipermanent centers of action are the equatorial trough, subtropical highs, the subpolar low-pressure belts, and arctic highs. The seasonal centers of action are continental highs and continental low-pressure areas.

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This is a framework agreement with subsequent contracts launched by the group of orders formed by the city of annonay and its municipal social action center, annonay rhne agglo (coordinator of the group) and its intercommunal center of action social.
At least one reviewer noted the cutest star in the movie was Wolfie, who was often in the center of action, monitored by AHA representatives who intervene on behalf of animal actors when necessary.
A fine, gripping saga of a world in flux emerges with Bernie the center of action throughout: especially recommended for prior fans of Flint's 1636 universe.
The planet of Belarus seems suspiciously like Earth, and the center of action is a "once and future" Russia.
She has always been the center of action, not only for her own children, but also those in the neighborhood she has lived in since coming to Los Angeles from Mexico City in 1949.
That stance is emblematized in the 1939 painting Myself Among the Churchgoers, in which Shahn depicts himself photographing at the left edge of the image, as if walking away from the center of action, but training his camera with its sly viewfinder on the looming clump of dour citizens at the right, implicating the viewer just this side of the frame.
But the center of action will be Libbey Park in not-so-metropolitan downtown Ojai, inland from Ventura.

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