Central Africa

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Central Africa


(Equatorial Africa), a natural region encompassing western Africa in the equatorial and subequatorial latitudes. It is circumscribed by the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Congo-Chad watershed to the north, the East African Plateau to the east, and the Congo-Zambezi watershed to the south. The following countries lie fully or partially within Central Africa: Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, the Congo, the Central African Republic, Zambia, Zaire, and Angola. The bulk of the population is composed of Bantu-speaking peoples.

Much of Central Africa is occupied by the vast Congo Basin, rimmed by terraced plateaus and dome-block uplands lying at elevations of 1,000–1,500 m or more. The region’s hot equatorial and subequatorial climate, either continually humid or having a prolonged wet season, is formed under the year-round influence of oceanic air masses from the Atlantic. Hydrographically, most of Central Africa belongs to the Congo (Zaire) basin; only a few relatively minor rivers flow independently into the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean, among them the Sanaga, Ogooue, Kouilou, and Cuanza. The region’s river network is the densest in Africa and the one with the greatest runoff. Broken by numerous rapids, the rivers have a hydroelectric potential of 500 million kilowatts.

Most of Central Africa is covered by evergreen and deciduous-evergreen rain forests, which in the extreme north and south give way to secondary high-grass savanna. The fauna species belong to the Ethiopian Zoogeographic Region.


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The message was handed over The FVP by the Interior Minister of the Republic of Central Africa in the presence of the State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hammed Mumtaz .
Musonye also expressed satisfaction with the quality of talent on show at the annual regional tournament, noting that Cecafa secretariat is out to promote football talent in East and Central Africa.
Despite recent growth, the aviation market in the West and central Africa region is the most disadvantaged on the continent and has huge suppressed demand - a situation that has hampered regional growth and integration.
Despite these pressures, a sudden and significant drop in the value of the two currencies--the Central Africa CFA franc (XAF) and the West African CFA franc (XOF)--is not currently expected, says the report Who's Most At Risk From A
The Greenwish Partners CEO, who was this year's recipient of the Outstanding Contribution Award in Power at the African Utility Week Industry Awards in Cape Town, says, "solar energy is developing well in Southern, Northern and Western Africa but is slower to take off in Central Africa.
The campaign is funded by Qatari philanthropists with a total value of QR720,000 to help the families affected by conflicts in Central Africa.
As the first offshore energy development spanning national boundaries in the Central Africa region, Lianzi represents a unique cooperative approach to share offshore resources and may serve as a model for the development of similar cross-border fields between two countries," said Ali Moshiri, president of Chevron Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production Co.
CW: The economies of East and Central Africa have shown mixed growth signals with those in Eastern Africa likely to experience substantial expansion with sectors such as construction and packaging likely to record good progress.
And later in time in Africa, mathematical evidence comes from the Ishango region of Central Africa, ancient Egypt, North Africa, Ethiopia, West Africa and Central Africa.
Central Africa has for years teetered near the edge of failed statehood.
Despite possessing a similar population to Africa's other four geographical regions, Central Africa is notable by its absence in our survey of Africa's Top 250 Companies.
But in a study published in Nature Communications, an international research team found evidence that wild-living apes in Central Africa are widely infected with parasites that are nearly identical, genetically, to human P.

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