Central Bohemia

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Central Bohemia


(Středočeský kraj), an administrative-territorial unit in Czechoslovakia, in the Czech Socialist Republic. Area, 11,200 sq km, including Prague, a separate administrative unit. Population, 1.2 million (2.4 million including Prague; 1974, estimate). The administrative center is Prague.

The northern part of Central Bohemia, in the area around the Elbe (Labe) River, is mostly flat; the southern part, in the basin of the Vltava (Moldau) River, is more rugged, with forests and hills. Central Bohemia is noted for its highly developed industry and intensive agriculture. It accounts for 9 percent (with Prague, 18 percent) of Czechoslovakia’s industrial output and 11 percent of the agricultural output. Coal is mined at Kladno and Rakovm’k; iron ore and complex ores are also mined. There are steam power plants in Mêlnik and Prague, and hydroelectric power plants on the Vltava River. The region’s metallurgy is centered at Kladno. Machine building is concentrated in Prague and its environs, Miada Boleslav, Kolín, and Kladno, with production of various kinds of industrial equipment, machine tools, electrical goods, and motor vehicles. Central Bohemia’s chemical industry, centered in Kolín, Kralupy nad Vltavou, and Nerato-vice, produces mineral fertilizers, man-made fibers, and synthetic rubber. Other local products include building materials (cement), wood products, consumer goods, and foodstuffs, especially sugar.

Central Bohemia’s agriculture, which typically makes use of highly intensive methods, is noted for the production of grains, especially wheat and barley, and sugar beets. Such crops are grown in conjunction with highly developed animal husbandry, in which the production of meat and some dairy products is emphasized. Large quantities of fruits and vegetables are raised. Hops are also grown in the western part of Central Bohemia, which accounts for one-third of Czechoslovakia’s total hops production.


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The central promotional theme of CzechTourism in 2017 has been West and Central Bohemia, showcasing the rich cultural and historical attractions available such as spas & wellness resorts and chateaux hotels, and original Czech traditions such as glass and crystal making.
OPTAGLIO has built an international scientific team and large research center, OPTAGLIO Labs, in Lochovice in Central Bohemia (Czech Republic).
It should be also mentioned that two NUTS III regions--Prague and Central Bohemia were joined into one territory.
The initiative is financed by the EU under a regional operational programme for Central Bohemia.
Most cases were reported from Prague and the central Bohemia region.
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Situated on the River Vltava in central Bohemia, Prague is among the most visited cities on the continent with an inimitable atmosphere created by its millennium of history.
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They involve enterprise and innovation (3.04 billion), Central Bohemia (559 million), Northeast (656 million), Southeast (704 million), Northwest (746 million), Southwest (619 million), Central Moravia (657 million) and Moravia Silesia (716 million).
On the basis of this serosurvey, recent infections with WNV (in contrast to South Moravia after the 1997 flood [5,6]), SINV, and BATV have not been found in Central Bohemia after the flood.

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