Central Field

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Central Field


a concept in field theory. A vector field a(P) is called a central field if there exists a point O such that all the vectors a(P) lie on straight lines passing through O and their lengths depend only on the distance r from the point P to O —that is, a(P) = f(r)n, where n is the unit vector of the line. A scalar field u(P) is said to be a central field if there exists a point O such that u(P) depends only on the distance r from the point P to O—that is, u(P) = ϕ(r).

Examples of a central vector field are the force field generated by a point charge and the gravitational force field due to a material particle. An example of a central scalar field is the field of the temperature distribution in an isotropic homogeneous body due to a point source of heat.

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Saturday night at a packed Grayslake Central field house, no one needed to be convinced.
The retina that sees the central field of view might allow scallops to quickly recognize oncoming predators, allowing them to beat a hasty retreat by swimming away.
The well is located approximately 9.5 kilometers northwest of the Oyo Central field on the company's offshore Nigeria block 120.
However, you need to be alert for certain changes in vision, including blurriness, haziness, or distortion in your central field of vision--the area you see when you look straight ahead.
Waveform amplitudes are notably reduced in the central field where retinal disease is active; D) An example trace array from a patient with retinitis pigmentosa.
At OCT examination, mean retinal thickness in the central field (field 1) in the diabetic group changed from 238.6 [micro]m preoperatively to 255.2 (p = 0.02) 6 months after cataract surgery.
There is growing evidence that early glaucomatous damage involves the macula and causes corresponding central field change [5, 6].
Russia got Khvalynskoye and the central field Tsentralnoye.
Guedes said the company's floating, production, storage and offloading ship (FPSO) named Cidade de Saquarema could begin operations in the Lula Central field this month and that she expects that Cidade de Caraguatatuba FPSO in the Lapa field to start operations in August.
A central field of fitful markings might form caricatures of human figures, sometimes copulating, sometimes painting, as they do in La Batiale de Venise, 1954.

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