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Situated along one of Manhattan's most well-known corridors, neighboring the famed Plaza Hotel, 22 Central Park South is steps away from many of the city's world-class restaurants, hotels, cultural institutions, and sought-after shopping destinations on illustrious Fifth Avenue.
com/central-park-five-documentary-stirs-controversy-release-875174) 28-year-old Trisha Meilli was jogging in New York's Central Park when she was beaten and raped and due to the severity of the attack, she was unable to identify her attackers.
Central Park said it had no intention of breaking its contract with Wal-Mart.
The Central Park stage will see performances by the Holton Road School Choir, the Vibe Singers, the Keith Little Jazz Band, Mabon and Purple Hearts.
Wi-Fi access will be highlighted July 16 during a community concert in Central Park.
Whitbread is the latest occupier to commit to Central Park, following in the footsteps of American clothing giant Gap and engineering firm Glacier Vander-vell Bearings.
At present, Trans-Ocean's Central Park rugs include three qualities in a good, better, best assortment.
City structures periodically need major repairs, and although its problems may be invisible to many, Central Park is no exception.
The strongest chapter, "The Black Urban Beat," does provide a fresh context for the Central Park jogger rape.
Doug Blonsky, President and CEO of the Central Park Conservancy, and Klaus Kleinfeld, Alcoa Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, at a volunteering event in Central Park, New York.
Park Lane Hotel is a Central Park Hotel that is within a very short walk of the parade route.
As befits a luxury condominium, the entrance to Central Park II is resplendently lined with palm trees and spectacular water features.

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