Central Powers

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Central Powers,

in World War IWorld War I,
1914–18, also known as the Great War, conflict, chiefly in Europe, among most of the great Western powers. It was the largest war the world had yet seen.
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, the coalition of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire.
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Central Powers


the coalition, comprising Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria, that opposed the Allied Powers and their supporters in World War I. The coalition was formed when Turkey (in 1914) and Bulgaria (in 1915) joined the Dual Alliance of Austria-Hungary and Germany, which had been created by the Austro-German Agreement of 1879.

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Central Powers

in World War I, the alliance of Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, and Turkey. [Eur. Hist.: NCE, 493]
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Eventually the Central powers noticed this disparity, and Germany decided that sinking American ships bound for Britain and France was its only option.
Herwig, a senior professor at the University of Calgary, noted for his several books on the German Navy and more recently his publications in diplomatic and military history, deserves much credit for the massive amount of research he has undertaken to write his book on the total war experience of the two key central powers. Drawn from archival sources and a very wide range of printed sources in German, including official histories, the account allows readers for the first time to see into the German and Austro-Hungarian state of mind, the extreme pain of the home front with shortages of all kinds and the hopes and aspirations of their governments and peoples.
Indeed, the operational skill and tactical efficiency of the central powers is frequently contested.
Such an attempt should seek cooperation with central powers or the central powers may disrupt the country's economic structure overnight.

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