Central Scientific Research Institute

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Central Scientific Research Institute


(full name, Academician A. N. Krylov Central Scientific Research Institute), in Leningrad, founded in 1893 on the initiative of D. I. Mendeleev as the Ship Model Testing Basin. One of the first directors of the institute was A. N. Krylov, after whom the institute was named in 1944.

The institute carries out research in the designing, hydrodynamics, strength, and powering of transport ships and commercial fishing vessels, as well as in the technological means of developing the ocean. The institute’s experimental facilities include ship model testing basins, turning tanks, seakeeping tanks, and tanks and water tunnels for cavitation studies. The institute provides graduate training and collaborates on the publication of the collection Voprosy sudostroeniia (Problems of Shipbuilding).

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Among the blacklisted entities are the Gatchina Surface-to-Air Missile Training Center, the Russian Defense Ministry's 18th Central Scientific Research Institute in Kursk, the Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) in Tula, the 183rd Guard Air Defense Missile Regiment, and the Russian Research and Production Concern (BARL).
Alexander Nemov, the deputy chief of the research department at the 30th Central Scientific Research Institute confirmed the development and told the TV channel that the aircraft would be operational in the next few years.
The Central Scientific Research Institute of Machine Manufacturing said an X-ray observatory, Spektr-RG, will be launched in 2013, UPI attributed the report to RIA Novosti.

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