Central Slovakia

Central Slovakia


(Stfedoslovensky kraj), an administrative and territorial unit in Czechoslovakia, in the Slovak Socialist Republic. Area, 18,000 sq km. Population, 1.4 million (1974). The administrative center is Banská Bystrica.

Much of Central Slovakia is occupied by ranges of the Western Carpathians; the numerous intermontane basins are drained primarily by the Váh and Hron rivers. The region is industrially advanced, accounting for more than one-third of the Slovak Republic’s industrial output and for about 8 percent of Czechoslovakia’s total industrial output. It accounts for more than 7 percent of Czechoslovakia’s agricultural output. Brown coal, lignite, magnesite (at Rimavská Sobota), and complex ores are mined. The Nováky Steam Power Plant and a network of hydroelectric power plants on the Váh River generate power for the region. Central Slovakia has both ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, producing high-grade steel at Podbrezová, ferroalloys at Mokrad and Isteb-né, and aluminum at Ziar nad Hronom. The local machine-building industry is noted primarily for the production of machines used in transportation, including motorcycles, electric locomotives, and railroad cars. The region also produces bearings and electronic equipment, including television sets. The wood-products industry is centered in Zvolen, Banská Bystrica, Turany, Zilina, and Martin. Central Slovakia also produces chemicals, building materials, textiles, and foodstuffs.

Most of Czechoslovakia’s cattle and sheep are raised on natural pasturage in the mountains. Rye, barley, and potatoes are grown in the valleys, and corn, wheat, sugar beets, and tobacco are grown in the southern basins and foothills. Viticulture is not uncommon. The main railroad trunk line between Czechoslovakia and the USSR passes through Central Slovakia. The region has several spas in the mountains; most notable is Sliac.


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The official opening took place shortly after His Royal Highness landed at Sliac airport in central Slovakia on a visit to the Region.
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SCP's primary location is in Ruzomberok, central Slovakia with total paper production capacity of 350,000 tons (incl.
is pleased to announce commencement of its exploration program on the Pukanec epithermal gold project in central Slovakia.
Object of the contract is divided into 3 parts:- Part 01: Eastern Slovakia,- Part 02: Central Slovakia,- Part 03: Western Slovakia.
Gillespie also visited several forest research sites, including for three days the Tatra Mountain National Park in north central Slovakia.
AUO has recently announced its latest development of a 2MW ground-mounted project in Viglas, Central Slovakia, by adopting AUO's EcoDuo PM220P00 module.
According to him, the census also helps the Orthodox Church, which is one of the smaller churches in Slovakia, to see the structure of their believers on the map, so that they can then better direct their activities and adjust them to local conditions-particularly in western and central Slovakia, where the Orthodox Church has the character of a diaspora.
Several Iranian and Slovakian officials attended the award presentation ceremony at Zvolen Castle in central Slovakia, where Tehran's Ambassador to Bratislava Ali Amiri received the award on behalf of the director.
The territory of Great Moravia included all of present western and central Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and parts of neighboring Poland, Hungary, and Germany.
Economy Minister Lubomir Jahnatek said rescue workers initially found six bodies in the Handlova mine in central Slovakia.
Twenty miners have been killed following a blast at a mine in Handlova in central Slovakia in the country's worst mining disaster.

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