Central Utah project

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Central Utah project,

N central Utah; begun 1959 near Vernal, Utah, by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation in conjunction with the Colorado River storage projectColorado River storage project,
a multipurpose plan, undertaken by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation in 1956, to control the flow of the upper Colorado and its tributaries and to aid in the development of the rugged, remote upper Colorado River basin; includes parts of Wyo.
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. Water, collected from streams in the Uinta Mts., is carried across the Wasatch Range to the densely populated Salt Lake City region by a system of dams, reservoirs, tunnels, aqueducts, and canals. Strawberry Dam and Reservoir, in which the water is stored, provides water for domestic and industrial use, irrigation, hydroelectricity, fish and wildlife preservation, and flood control.
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Orem's surface water is treated by the Central Utah Water Conservation District's Central Utah Project, along with water for the neighboring city of Provo.
Water--the good news for all of us is that those who came long before us, 40 years ago, made the politically hard decision to build things like the Central Utah Project and things like that that we are all taking advantage of today.
The Central Utah Project sells water to farmers for $3.00 per acre-foot.
Throughout the later half of the twentieth century, water politics in Utah have revolved around the Central Utah Project. The Central Utah Project (CUP) is a major transbasin diversion project, designed to help Utah put its share of Colorado River water to use before downstream states do so.
The Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD) is a twelve-county district established in 1965 as the local sponsor for the Central Utah Project (CUP).
The district also pays a fixed cost for its Provo River and Central Utah Project supplies.
A sophisticated new computer model developed by Utah State University in Logan--the first of its kind in the country--projects Salt Lake County will dry up by 2015, even with its share of water to come from the Central Utah Project's new Jordanelle Reservoir.
Fitch's calculations do not include spending within the Central Utah Project fund.
In addition to operating three water treatment plants, the district manages two water resource development projects: the Bonneville Unit of the Central Utah Project (CUP) and the CWP.

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