central heating

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central heating

a system for heating the rooms of a building by means of radiators or air vents connected by pipes or ducts to a central source of heat

Central heating

A system where heat is supplied to all areas of a building from a central plant through a network of ducts or pipes.

Central Heating


a heating system in which the heat is transported from a heat source located either inside or outside the building served (a boiler installation or a district heat and power plant) to the rooms of the building through pipelines or air ducts. Heated water, air, or steam may be used as the heat carrier.

central heating

[′sen·trəl ′hēd·iŋ]
(civil engineering)
The use of a single steam or hot-water heating plant to serve a group of buildings, facilities, or even a complete community through a system of distribution pipes.
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The lateral heaters were always set up an extra 5% higher than the central heaters to compensate for the heat deficiency at the edges.
According to the feeding direction of the sheet, the N side was heated by the central heaters and S side by lateral heaters.
Enrollment in FPL's On Call program, which can save customers over $100 a year by allowing appliances, such as central air conditioners, central heaters, and water heaters to be cycled off during times of high electricity demand.

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