Central heating and cooling

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Central heating and cooling

The use of a single heating or cooling plant to serve a group of buildings, facilities, or even a complete community through a system of distribution pipework that feeds each structure or facility. Central heating plants are basically of two types: steam or hot-water, The latter type uses high-temperature hot water under pressure and has become the more usual because of its considerable advantages. Steam systems are only used today where there is a specific requirement for high-pressure steam. Central cooling plants utilize a central refrigeration plant with a chilled water distribution system serving the air-conditioning systems in each building or facility.

Advantages of a central heating or cooling plant over individual ones for each building or facility in a group include reduced labor cost, lower energy cost, less space requirement, and simpler maintenance. Central cooling plants, using conventional, electrically driven refrigeration compressors, have the advantage of utilizing bulk electric supply, at voltages as high as 13.5 kV, at wholesale rates. Additionally, their flexible load factor, resulting from load divergency in the various buildings served, results in major operating economies.

The disadvantages of a central heating plant concern mainly the maintenance of the distribution system where steam is used. Corrosion of the condensate water return lines shortens their life, and the steam drainage traps need particular attention. These disadvantages do not occur with high-temperature hot-water installations. See Air conditioning, Boiler, Refrigeration, Steam heating

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Engineer Carlos De Ceballos expressed his pleasure for ARANER being chosen to work with JDE and said: "We are happy to be part of this iconic project on a regional level to build a plant, the first of its kind which combines central heating and cooling in one plant.
It is worth noting that, with the completion of the plant, JDE will be able to provide central heating and cooling to the facilities of the first phase of Abdali, with a capacity reaching 31,500 Tons of Refrigeration for cooling and 53,000 kW for heating.
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