Centralized Traffic Control

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centralized traffic control

[′sen·trə‚līzd ′traf·ik kən′trōl]
(civil engineering)
Control of train movements by signal indications given by a train director at a central control point. Abbreviated CTC.

Centralized Traffic Control


on railroads, a complex of devices used to monitor and control railroad switch layouts and signals from a central point. The most widely used systems are electrical, controlled by electric relay circuits and electric drives. Such systems may be classified by the methods used to switch tracks, monitor the system’s operation, and supply electric power. Systems with local control and power supply are used chiefly at small railroad stations with up to 12 switches; systems with central control and power supply are used at medium and large-size railroad stations. Centralized traffic control equipment used in conjunction with computers has been developed for use in automated railroad control systems.

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It is also why I have today decided to move forward with the installation of Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) on our Grimsby and Chatham subdivisions in southwestern Ontario.
s other recent contract wins in the Malaysian market include contracts to provide centralized traffic control systems and signaling systems for the South Chord line and for the West Port to Port Klang line.
In describing the CAD III system as a quantum leap in technology, Davis compared it to the advances made in train dispatching, beginning with the 1860s "highball" signal system to the 1930s Centralized Traffic Control (CTC), which allowed remote control of track signals and switches, to the first generation of computer aided dispatching in the 1980s.
Execution of works and completion of the construction project maintenance facilities interlockings, train protection systems, fixed telecommunications, centralized traffic control, auxiliary systems and safety and security for the section La Robla - Pola de Lena North Corridor - Northwestern High Speed.
The system will have computer work stations for centralized traffic control, entrance and exit routing control, train tracking, route identification and event recording.
The project confirms Indra's standout position in rail signaling, with the multinational responsible for deploying the Centralized Traffic Control system on the new line.
24 /PRNewswire/ -- Union Switch & Signal (Nasdaq: UNSW) has won a contract to design and furnish a PC-based centralized traffic control system for the Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation.
Contract notice: Constructive project drafting, execution of works, conservation and maintenance of facilities interlockings, train protection systems, centralized traffic control, auxiliary detection systems, mobile telecommunications fgsm-r, fixed telecommunications and facilities protection and safety of the high speed line madrid-extremadura/frontera portuguesa, sections cEiceres-badajoz-caceres and plasencia.
A centralized traffic control (CTC) componenet will oversee track circuit status, switch and signal controls and indications, local and remote control of interlockings and block signals as well as entrance and exit routing.
In order to boost rail movements between Fargo and Bismarck, the company will also upgrade to a centralized traffic control system.
Contract notice: Drafting of construction projects, execution of works, conservation and maintenance of facilities interlockings, train protection systems, centralized traffic control, auxiliary detection systems, fixed telecommunications, gsm-r protection equipment and safety section olmedo -ourense, and maintenance and repairs of ourense-santiago de xompostela north-northwest corridor high speed.
11 million to set up Centralized Traffic Control to enhance service from Bismarck to Fargo in the Jamestown subdivision; and

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