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A telephone service in which the PBX is located in the telephone company's facilities. Some CENTREX services provide the PBX switching at the customer's site, but control is still in the central office. See IP CENTREX.
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However, Mr Goggins said Centrex had paid for a consultant to work with the staff, opened a careers room, offered further training and sought to develop links with other employers.
The service is available to new or existing Centrex users and is part of several enhancements BellSouth has recently made to this network-based platform.
Cross-training at Centrex is relatively easy because all of its labs have similar analyzers; the models are geared toward a particular volume.
More than 2,500 product marketing, product development and research employees are expected to participate in the live network trial and will have Internet protocol (IP) phones on their desks, with access to Centrex services using the new packet technology provided by Lucent's 7R/E(TM) Packet Solutions.
Use of SIP Trunking with the TeleWare IP Centrex hosted services provides an efficient solution for when both SIP Trunking and IP Centrex services are required, for instance, integrating a head office based legacy PBX and a branch office or home workers using TeleWare IP Centrex services and IP Phones.
Sapporo Breweries also plans to introduce the FOMA Wireless LAN Dual Network Handsets(2) in addition to fixed IP phones to establish a Mobile Centrex system, through which users can communicate internally and externally with a single phone.
The Norwegian embedded solutions provider Data Respons ASA said on Friday (25 November) that it had acquired the Norwegian company Centrex AS.
Former Merseyside chief constable Norman Bettison, now Chief Executive of Centrex, said: '
The product can collect call-record details from an unlimited number of PBX, Centrex or VoIP devices, allocate costs according to custom rules and parameters, and distribute information to employees through Web-based reports.
I notice that his new employer, Centrex, is advertising for a public relations officer at a salary ranging up to pounds 30,000 pa.
On the NYSE, Centrex was the leading gainer, up 12.3.
ClientCare is designed to allow small- and medium-sized businesses using Centrex systems to more cost-effectively manage customer contacts with many of the sales and service contact center capabilities usually associated with larger companies.

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