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A company in Hudson N.H., USA, best known for designing the parallel interface for printers with the same name, found on many microcomputers.

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Centronics interface

An earlier, 36-pin parallel interface for connecting printers and other devices to a computer. It transferred data asynchronously at 150 Kbytes/sec and used an Amphenol Micro-Ribbon plug and socket, a common telecommunications connector. The Centronics interface was superseded by the IEEE 1284 standard in 1994.

IBM Adapted the Interface
Developed by the Centronics Data Computer Corporation, which introduced the first successful dot matrix printer in 1970, it became a de facto standard for parallel port printers after IBM chose it for the PC in 1981. See IEEE 1284, parallel port and printer cable.

Centronics Plug and Socket
These connectors have been widely used for parallel ports and other purposes. Whenever Micro-Ribbon plugs and sockets are used, they are often called Centronics connectors even if they have nothing to do with Centronics signaling.
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Available interfaces, which areuser changeable, include serial (RS232), parallel (Centronics), USB 2.0 Full Speed, and combo RS232C + USB.
Howard also founded and served from 1969 to 1980 as president and chairman of the board of Centronics Data Computer Corp., a manufacturer of a variety of computer printers, including the first impact dot matrix printer, which he invented.
Centronics parallel ports are provided for printer, mouse, and keyboard connectivity.
Other features of the ProtJet II include the Centronics interface, a USB port and an energy saving standby mode.
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Centronics and VHDCI connectors do not have pins, however the 50-and 68-pin high-density connectors have pins that are quite susceptible to damage.
(23.) Introducing his own four-part test, then-Judge Souter pointed out that inconsistent application could explain "why the commentators despair of articulating any single concept of contractual good faith, even after the more than fifty years of litigation following in the wake of the American common law's first explicit recognition of an implied good faith contractual obligation." Centronics Corp.
GPIB, Centronics, RS-232-C and Lan interfaces have been integrated into the FSP 40 package, and it features an RMS detector for fast and reproducible power measurements on digitally modulated signals in the frequency and time domain.