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the officer commanding a Roman century
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the commander of a century or maniple of the ancient Roman legion. Centurions were selected either from those foot soldiers who displayed the greatest valor and potential for leadership or from the equites. They received two to three times the salary of a common soldier.

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Newcastle Centurions train at the Novos club on Tuesday and Thursday nights (6.30).
The Liverpool Centurions are still on the lookout for more players
Liverpool Centurions, formerly known as Mersey Centurions, won the BritBowl (Britain's equivalent to the SuperBowl) in 1987 with a 20-14 victory over Leicester Huntsmen.
The Centurion was the result of hard and bloody lessons learned in the Second World War.
"If we can get to 100 Centurions donating just PS19 a month that's about another PS23,000 a year we've got to help local food banks, desperately poor families and the homeless."
Perhaps the Centurions outbid St Helens, which on the face of it seems a little odd, or maybe Leigh's head of rugby, former Saints legend Keiron Cunningham's powers of persuasion came to the fore.
The Bridgend-born 24-year-old, who has been ruled out for the rest of the current campaign with a shoulder injury, has agreed a three-year deal and will join the Centurions for pre-season training in the autumn.
The goal of K.'s analysis is to demonstrate that "(1) contemporary evidence reveals a common perception of the Roman centurion as a principal representative of the Roman imperial power, and that (2) based on that perception, Luke-Acts employs centurions in the role of prototypical Gentile believers in anticipation of the Christian mission to the Empire" (8).
The Centurions have appeared in more finals than any other side (four), winning their third crown last season, and at 6-1 they are fancied to defend their crown ahead of 7-2 cup jollies Featherstone and 9-2 secondfavourites Halifax.
Coventry Bears ...............4 St Albans Centurions ..56 COVENTRY Bears were comprehensively beaten by an excellent St Albans Centurions side in the Co-operative Rugby League Conference Grand Final.