Ceramic Capacitor

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ceramic capacitor

[sə′ram·ik kə′pas·əd·ər]
A capacitor whose dielectric is a ceramic material such as steatite or barium titanate, the composition of which can be varied to give a wide range of temperature coefficients.
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Ceramic Capacitor


a capacitor in which the dielectric is a ceramic, usually based on titanates of zirconium (ZrTiO3), calcium (CaTiO3), nickel (NiTiO3), and barium (BaTiO3). In some special cases the ceramics used for capacitors are based on Al2O3, SiO2, MgO, and other compounds. The capacitance of ceramic capacitors ranges from fractions of a picofarad to several microfarads; their operating voltage ranges from several dozen volts to dozens of kilovolts.

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The A1688 is offered in the UB package, which integrates the IC and the high-temperature ceramic capacitor in a single overmoulded SIP package with an outside diameter of less than 6.5mm and offers wider lead spacing.
(2.) Replace the failed ceramic capacitor with a new one, hopefully from a different lot that does not exhibit evidence of aging.
In these situations, KEMET's flexible termination technology is a successful and proven solution in minimizing the risk of damage to the multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC).
Glossary CV - Capacitance/Voltage EIA - Electronic Industries Alliance ESR - Equivalent Series Resistance ESL - Equivalent Series Inductance MLCC - Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor RoHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances SMD - Surface Mount Device About KEMET KEMET's common stock is listed on the NYSE under the symbol "KEM." At the Investor Relations section of our web site at http://www.KEMET.com/IR, users may subscribe to KEMET news releases and find additional information about our company.
This lamp is self-starting via a built-in ceramic capacitor which has ferro-electric properties (FEC) (Maehara and others 2007).
It takes only three passive components--a ceramic bootstrap capacitor, a shunt resistor, and a second ceramic capacitor at the voltage supply pin--to operate the inverter.
The component uses a standard ceramic capacitor with subtle but important modifications to its structure.
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