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AgCl A colorless to pearl-gray mineral; crystallizes in the isometric system, but crystals, usually cubic, are rare; a secondary mineral that is an ore of silver. Also known as chlorargyrite; horn silver.



horn silver, a mineral of the chloride class; chemical composition, AgCl (75.26 percent silver).

Cerargyrite contains an admixture of bromine and, more rarely, mercury. The structure is of the NaCl type but with covalent bonds between the atoms, so that the mineral is malleable and easily shaved. The crystals are rarely in a cubic system; usually there are solid wax-like masses of a gray to dark brown color. The hardness is 2.5 on the mineralogical scale; the density is 5,556 kg per cu m. Cerargyrite forms in the oxidation zone of ore deposits containing primary silver minerals, and it is a very rich silver ore.

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The first being base metal sulphides high in silver, especially argentiferous galena and the so called "dry ores" containing native silver, argentine, and cerargyrite. The dry ores can be quite high grade with no apparent visible silver mineralization.
407 Cerargyrite, Centennial mine, Eureka, Utah, no.
Silver is seen in cerargyrite sized from 0.5 - 60 microns.