ceratonia siliqua

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Use pliers to open seed pods to remove hard stone-like seeds, then grind up the pods into powder and mix in drinks as chocolate substitute, or simply chew the pods raw and spit out the seeds. Makes a great survival food. Tastes similar to chocolate, but with less fat and caffeine. Has mild binding properties so you don't go to the bathroom too much.
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Table 2 shows number of hermaphrodite flowers per raceme, average numbers of matured pods per raceme, and percentages of matured for Ceratonia Siliqua trees exposed to four pollination treatments.
Ceratonia Siliqua trees produced a high number of flowers and most of these flowers were unable to develop into a mature pod.
Hydro-alcoholic seed extract of Ceratonia siliqua contains such compounds as phytosterols, and can cause a decrease in total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides, through an increase in lipoproteins and hepato lipases as well as reducing HMG--COA reductase activity [20].
According to our results, daily consumption of 300,600 (mg/kg) hydro-alcoholic seed extract of Ceratonia siliqua could elevate serum testosterone concentration.
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Comments: Osmoline is a hydrolyzed ceratonia siliqua (carob) seed extract rich in amino acids and peptides designed to improve skin glow and hydration by targeting water channeling and to preserve cell shape and cohesion during stress.
INCI name: Water and hydrolyzed ceratonia siliqua seed extract
00 (Water (and) ceratonia siliqua (locust bean) gum (and) hydrolyzed wheat gluten) Erythrulose (Pentapharm, CH) 2.