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see rhinocerosrhinoceros,
massive hoofed mammal of Africa, India, and SE Asia, characterized by a snout with one or two horns. The rhinoceros family, along with the horse and tapir families, forms the order of odd-toed hoofed mammals.
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A footprint technique to identify white rhino Ceratotherium simum at individual and species levels.
The team, assembled by the Gazi University's faculty of arts and sciences and the NevE-ehir Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation General Directorate, found the rare fossil ceratotherium neumayri, a type of rhino that lived in the Anatolian region of modern-day Turkey during the late Miocene and thought by scientists to be an ancestor of both the white rhinoceros and black rhinoceros of Africa.
Scientists at the University of Montpelier, France, found what they believe to be a two-horned rhinocerotine Ceratotherium neumayri, an animal common in the late Miocene era of the eastern Mediterranean.