cercidium floridum

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blue palo verde

blue palo verde

Trees have smooth bluegreen trunk, larger leaves, small thorns along the branch at the leaf nodes, and no spine at the end of the branch. Seed pods are larger pod than Foothills seed pods, and the pod does not “shrink-wrap” around the seeds. Flowers edible. Seed pods edible green or ripe. The young green seeds taste like peas or edamame. Dry brown seeds should be sprouted (soaked in water) before eating. To store green seeds, put in boiling water for a minute, then in ice water for a minute, then seal and freeze. Store dry seeds in freezer to kill pathogens. Do not seal in plastic bag and leave room temp or they will mold.
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-- To determine if seed production was limited by the number of ovules per ovary, we counted ovule number in ovaries of 52 flowers of Cercidium floridum and 21 flowers of C.
We pollinated 50 flowers on each of three Cercidium floridum plants and 25 flowers on each of six C.
-- The number of eggs per seed laid by Mimosestes amicus on pods of Cercidium floridum and C.
-- Based on the mean number of ovules in an ovary, each pod of Cercidium floridum is capable of producing 8.2 [+ or -] 0.18 (mean [+ or -] SE) seeds.
Of 150 hand-pollinated flowers for each species, only 23 Cercidium floridum and 20 C.
Clearly, current patterns of seed predation cannot explain the number of seeds produced per pod in Cercidium floridum, C.
Body mass of Stator limbatus reared on Cercidium floridum and Acacia greggii (means and standard errors).
Acacia greggii 2.97(A) 0.04 Cercidium floridum 2.88(B) 0.07
Acacia greggii 3.07(C) 0.03 Cercidium floridum 2.91(B) 0.05