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To visualize the movement, Regina Faubel of Eichele's Department developed a new experimental approach using isolated cerebral ventricle tissue from the mouse.
In 1952 Frank Nulsen and Eugene Spitz, in Philadelphia, used a fine rubber catheter as a shunt, passed from the lateral cerebral ventricle into the internal jugular vein in the neck.
For example, Kroft and colleagues (1991), using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), failed to detect that the fluid-filled chambers in the brain (i.e., cerebral ventricles) were larger in alcoholic women than nonalcoholic women, although other researchers have found MRI evidence for ventricular enlargement among alcoholic men (Pfefferbaum et al.
transplanted a suspension of neural stem cells into the cerebral ventricles of newborn shiverer (shi) mice.
Before inserting the neural progenitor cells into the cerebral ventricles of newborn mice, Snyder and his coworkers added to them a so-called immortalizing gene.
Extracerebral CSF spaces, sylvian fissure and cerebral ventricles are dilated.