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(ceramals), heterogeneous compositions of metals or alloys with one or more ceramic phases of relatively low mutual solubility.

Cermets combine the properties of ceramics (great hardness, resistance to wear, refractoriness, heat resistance) and metals (thermal conductivity and ductility). The ceramic components include oxides (Al2O3, Cr2O3, SiO2 and ZrO2), carbides (SiC, Cr3C2, and TiC), borides (Cr3B2, TiB2, and ZrB2), suicides (MoSi), and nitrides (TiN); the metallic components include chromium, nickel, aluminum, iron, cobalt, titanium, and zirconium and the alloys based on them. The ceramic phase content varies from 15 to 85 percent (by volume). Articles are produced by the methods of powder metallurgy, that is, by compacting the powder blanks and then sintering in a reductive or neutral atmosphere. Cermets are used in the form of hard alloys in manufacturing parts for turbines and airplane engines and in producing friction parts, tools, and other articles that are subject to increased loads while operating in aggressive media and at high temperatures.


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On the other hand, surface roughness after machining with cermet reamer is very low; the machined surface is very smooth.
3) Cermet is a material of ceramic base or matrix with a mixture of metals or alloys.
PComP cermet coatings have been engineered for high-wear equipment rebuilding applications.
Following his work with Aksay at the University of Washington, Pyzik moved on to lead a group of researchers at Dow Chemical working on cermets in general.
MEGACOAT Cermets are capable of running wet or dry, allowing reduced coolant costs and easier recycling of metal chips.
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