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, Ger. Czernowitz, Romanian Cernauţi, Rus. Chernovtsy, city (1989 pop. 257,000), capital of Chernivtsi region, SW Ukraine, on the Prut River and in the Carpathian foothills.
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, Ukraine.
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Uma passada de olhos nos poemas do periodo de Cernauti e suficiente para notar que certos leitmotiven e simbolos de origem livresca contrariam o resultado, mesmo que carregados da experiencia pessoal do poeta.
Gong was himself a Jewish poet, born in Cernauti, who wrote in German and emigrated to New York, after a short stay (between 1943 and 1945) at Bucharest.
In the architectural remnants of an almost undamaged former Habsburg town they explore how "real life" was for Hirsch's parents in Romanian Cernauti before and during WWII and investigate how the history of the place intertwined with her parents' lives.
It is important to bear in mind that the mass and systematic murder of Jews by the local population before the arrival of Romanian or German troops or gendarmes took place almost exclusively in the Ukrainian villages of the northernmost strip of Bukovina in Storojinet county (Nepolocauti lay just a little to the east, in Cernauti county).
Hubo principios en Jassy, Craiova, Cernauti y Chisinau, y un "El sindicato de la prensa rumana de Transilvania y de Banat", con su sede en Cluj, por el numero de sus miembros que se elevaba a mas de 100 (incluidos los miembros de honor) y por su actividad profesional y cultural, de la cual una de sus muestras era el precioso anuario publicado, sostenia el derecho de ocupar un lugar al lado de poderosas organizaciones de la capital.
On January 1st, 1939 a declaration of 19 students from the Iron Guard, sentenced at Cernauti, was published in "Romania": they emphasized that they "give up any political action harmful to the state".
In Hotin, Orhei, Chisinau, Cernauti, Suceava, Neamt, Soroca, Roman, Botosani, Lapusna, Falciu, Galati, Tutova and Putna it functioned two "parcalabi.
In 1948, the Metropolitan Bishopric of Bucovina, which had moved from the soviet-occupied Cernauti to Suceava, was abolished, as well as the Church Fund, and the 192.
I scanned maps for mysterious Bessarabia, which I adorned with palm trees, then the adjacent Bukovina, of which it was the capital, until I'd pinned it down: Czernowitz, city on the River Bug, Cernauti, city whose name kept changing, Chernivts, city of five languages, Cernauti, city cleansed by Nazis, Soviets, Rumanians, Cernivtsi, like Papa--the irrecoverable past tangled and clotted in the present.
1944), Romanian Administrative Law Treatise, Cernauti, 477.
I shall still attempt to go to Cernauti [Chernovitsy] and from there start a search for my people.
Czernowitz had become Cernauti, which it remained until the Hitler-Stalin pact of 1940, when Chernauti became Chernovsty of Soviet Ukraine.