Certificate of Occupancy

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Certificate of Occupancy

(C of O)
A permit from a local government agency granting permission to use a building or site for a particular purpose; issued after the satisfactory completion of construction.

certificate of occupancy

A document issued by governmental authority certifying that all or a designated portion of a building complies with the provisions of applicable statutes and regulations, and permitting occupancy for its designated use. Also called an occupancy permit or a certificate of use and occupancy permit.
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The certificate of occupancy the school hopes to receive will be temporary, allowing the rink to open under conditions cited by the building inspector.
issues, and final inspection prior to issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy.
They have left the development unfinished and failed to procure the legally-required permanent certificate of occupancy for unit owners.
Global Aeronautica received its certificate of occupancy from the City of North Charleston on June 6.
Derek got a temporary certificate of occupancy, and now, workers are putting in the main and permanent sewer lines.
The loan will finance the borrower's purchase of the existing debt from CPC, as well as construction costs needed to obtain a certificate of occupancy for a portion of the project.
AGOURA HILLS - Reed's Furniture had to cancel the long-planned Memorial Day weekend opening of its Canwood Street outlet store after the city refused to issue a certificate of occupancy.
Normally, fire protection systems must be operational before a Certificate of Occupancy is issued, usually at the very end of a project.
He said that the FCT had offered the Certificate of Occupancy of the land to the firm and noted that the document would allow the company to access funds to fast-track development of infrastructure on the land.
Legacy Builders offers pre-construction, general contracting and construction management services, including budgeting/estimating, inspections for certificate of occupancy and financial reporting.
According to city planner Jason Smisko, the company has applied for a temporary certificate of occupancy that would allow it to open one of its two public golf courses ahead of schedule.
The site broke ground on October 4, 2004 and has already received the city's certificate of occupancy.

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