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caesarean section:

see cesarean sectioncesarean section
, delivery of an infant by surgical removal from the uterus through an abdominal incision. The operation is of ancient origin: indeed, the name derives from the legend that Julius Caesar was born in this fashion. Until advancements in the late 19th cent.
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Caesarean section

surgical incision through the abdominal and uterine walls in order to deliver a baby
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Estimated fetal weight can be used as a guidepost in directing obstetric management of diabetic and nondiabetic patients but should not be used to dictate cesarean sections, researchers determined in a 4-year study.
The four most common medical causes contributing to the increase in cesarean section rates in North America are: routine repeat cesareans; dystocia (nonprogressive labor); breech presentation; and fetal distress.
Some clinicians have recommended a policy of cesarean section for breech presentation at term based on results of nonrandomized studies, anecdotal experiences, and medicolegal concerns," Dr.
But the supporting data are not yet strong enough to suggest that cesarean section should be offered to women whose viral loads are less than 1,000 copies/mL, Dr.
She would also want to know that elective repeat cesarean section carries an increased risk of death for her.
Infants delivered by planned cesarean section who also developed neonatal respiratory morbidity (transient tachypnea or respiratory distress syndrome) were 1.
The researchers said their study was prompted by the increasing attention to pelvic floor morbidity following childbirth, and by indications that cesarean section may be protective against damage to the pelvic floor support structures and impairment of pelvic floor innervation that can occur during vaginal delivery.
A woman considering cesarean section should be told that, compared to vaginal birth, she has an increased risk of infection, hemorrhage, damage to abdominal and urinary tract organs, and complications from anesthesia/narcotics.
One source within the Al-Thawra Public Hospital in Sana'a, who asked to remain anonymous, stated that, "private hospitals, which on average charge patients more for the same operations, are prescribing cesarean sections to women who don't need them as a way of reaping higher profits.
In the present study, there was an insignificant relationship between acceptance of maternal role and type of delivery, while, the results of many studies reveal more positive experiences of giving birth are reported by women with spontaneous vaginal deliveries, and greater acceptance of maternal role in these mothers compared to mothers undergoing instrumental vaginal deliveries and cesarean sections [9].
Garite reported that the cesarean section rate at the tertiary center was 33.
While the country's maternity hospitals are booked up with pregnant women wanting cesarean sections, there is not the same demand for wedding services.