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(Russian, chetniki; Serbo-Croatian, četnici), in the Balkans:

(1) From the 15th to the 19th century, participants (mainly haiduks) in the armed struggle waged by partisan detachments for national liberation from the Ottoman yoke. Prominent members of the Chetnik movement in Bulgaria in the 1860’s included G. S. Rakovski, P. Khitov, F. Tofo, S. T. Karadzha, and Khadzhi Dimitur.

(2) Members of a reactionary organization, participants in the nationalistic Greater Serbia movement (headed by General D. Mihajlovic) and other antinationalist groups in Yugoslavia that fought against the forces of people’s liberation during World War II.

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Revisiting World War II, when Nazi-linked Ustage, royalist Cetniks, and communist Partisans brutalized one another and the unaligned, the novel eerily anticipates the latest civil war.
While acknowledging violent acts on all sides, Dragkovic foregrounds those of Muslim Ustage and Serb Cetniks.
Raised by a Muslim woman who thought him the orphaned son of a Muslim family murdered by Cetniks, the young Alija discovers that he is in fact Ilija,(10) the last living member of that family so hideously murdered by Muslim Ustase.