Iceland moss

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Iceland moss:

see lichenlichen
, usually slow-growing organism of simple structure, composed of fungi (see Fungi) and photosynthetic green algae or cyanobacteria living together in a symbiotic relationship and resulting in a structure that resembles neither constituent.
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Iceland Moss


(Cetraria islandica), a lichen (not a moss) of the family Parmeliaceae. The thallus consists of elongated, branched brown lobes gathered in a bush with a height of up to 12 cm. Iceland moss is found in forest and tundra zones, growing mainly in pine forests, on heather moors and plains, and in the mountains. It contains the carbohydrates lichenin and isolichen-in. In the north it is an important food for reindeer.

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Lichesterinic acid 3 isolated from Cetraria islandica has a significant inhibitory activity on the growth of Trypanosoma brucei with an MIC value of 6.
The lichen Cetraria islandica contains (+)-methyl protolichesterinate 4 as recorded by Huneck and Yoshimura (1996).
3-Ethyl-2,7-dihydroxynaphthazarin 13 and islandoquinone 14a-d are naphthoquinones, co-isolated from a variant of Cetraria islandica, namely Cetraria islandica var.
64 [micro]g/g dry weight in Flavocetraria nivalis, Cetraria islandica and Cetrariella delisei, respectively (Czeczuga and Jacobsen 1993; Czeczuga and Kristinsson 1992).
R]) and UV spectra (190-400 nm) of the main peaks with those of reference substances previously isolated from lichens confirmed that the methanol extract of Cetraria islandica contains the depsidone fumarprotocetraric acid ([t.
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