Ch'an Buddhism

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Ch'an Buddhism:

see Zen BuddhismZen Buddhism,
Buddhist sect of China and Japan. The name of the sect (Chin. Ch'an, Jap. Zen) derives from the Sanskrit dhyana [meditation]. In China the school early became known for making its central tenet the practice of meditation, rather than adherence
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``The essence of Shaolin kung fu is Ch'an Buddhism. The reason why the Shaolin Temple practises martial arts is to cultivate the mind in order to learn the essence of Ch'an Buddhism.
Chen argues that Liu Tsung-yuan's conceptualization of the tao (the way) as benevolent government was anchored by an egalitarian concern for the common populace and affected by Ch'an Buddhism. Liu Tsung-yun also rejected portent theories and correlative cosmology in favour of a naturalistic view of Heaven and the human world, where institutions such as feudalism reflected social evolution rather than the will of Heaven or the design of the sages.
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