Châteauesque Revival

Châteauesque style, Château style, Châteauesque Revival

An opulent architectural style patterned after the design of monumental French chateaus of the 16th century; popular in the late 19th century and beyond. Buildings were usually characterized by a façade having masonry walls; an attic story; a single balcony or continuous balconies; prominent use of vertical elements such as pilasters; wall dormers with gables that might break the roof line; cross gables; a belt course; an ornately hipped roof either steeply pitched to a ridge and/or truncated by a horizontal surface; cast-iron cresting on the roof; through-the-cornice wall dormers; roof dormers with pedimented parapets, pinnacles, and spires; a cylindrical corner turret having a conical roof; tall, decorative chimneys and ornamental chimney caps; windows, frequently in pairs, divided by heavy stone mullions; oriels; semicircular bay windows; exterior door set arches; often a canopy was provided over the entry door.
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