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see Gran ChacoGran Chaco
or Chaco,
c.250,000 sq mi (647,500 sq km), extensive lowland plain, central South America. It is sparsely populated and is divided among Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina. Some of the highest temperatures in the southern continent are reached there.
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a province in northern Argentina, in the basin of the Paraná and Bermejo rivers. Area, 99,600 sq km. Population, 566,600 (1970). The capital of Chaco is the city of Resistencia. Chaco is a major cotton-growing region. Livestock are raised for meat. Industry includes quebracho lumbering and the production of tanning extract.

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Heinrich said: "I commend Secretary Zinke for agreeing with the people of New Mexico and halting the proposed lease sale of the area surrounding Chaco Culture National Historical Park.
Area de estudio: El estudio comprendio el sector austral del distrito del Chaco Serrano, en el Parque Natural Provincial Valle Fertil, entre La Majadita y Los Bretes (30[grados]43' S-67[grados]29' W), en la provincia de San Juan, Argentina.
Sometime before Chaco was built, the Pueblo people stopped hunting and gathering their food as they had done for centuries.
If one looks at a drawing by a German astronomer of the 1860 total solar eclipse during high solar activity, rays and loops similar to those depicted in the Chaco petroglyph are visible," Malville said.
Para completar el repertorio, se incluyeron los materiales presentados en catalogos de artesanias de cooperativas y alfareros qom, y exposiciones y ferias organizadas por la Fundacion Chaco Artesanal y la ONG Arte y Esperanza.
Research on this species has been undertaken in the Amazon, Cerrado, Pantanal and Bolivian Chaco (Carter, 1985; Noss et al.
Vokoun who is an avid hiker who has walked or climbed most of the mountains in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado, has often thought about Chaco as an ancient venue for linkages between people and spirit, and he is excited to be working in a place that functions as a sort of bridge between the human constructions and rituals and sky and earth.
La composicion floristica de los bosques del Chaco Serrano, cambia con la latitud y la altitud a escala regional (Cabrera, 1976), asi como con las caracteristicas edaficas y la historia de disturbio a escala local.
Dado que el ultimo caso confirmado en la Provincia de Chaco habia ocurrido en el ano 2004, el presente evento fue considerado como un brote de psitacosis.
A gestao de El Fogon de los Arrieros e sua consequencia nos processos de patrimonializacao da paisagem cultural de Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina
The Pueblo Bonito Mounds of Chaco Canyon: Material Culture and Fauna
Expression comes in all different forms because it is part of our existence, Chaco said.