Chaco Culture National Historical Park

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Acadia NP SE Maine 1919 49,075 (19,868) Mountain and coast scenery.
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Chaco Culture National Historical Park:

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National Parks
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Acadia NP SE Maine 1919 49,075 (19,868) Mountain and coast scenery.
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Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Address:PO Box 280
Nageezi, NM 87037

Size: 33,960 acres.
Established: Proclaimed Chaco Canyon National Monument on March 11, 1907; redesignated and renamed on December 19, 1980. Designated a World Heritage Site on December 8, 1987.
Location:In northwestern New Mexico. The recommended access route to the park is from the north via Hwy. 44/550. Turn off Hwy. 44/550 at CR 7900 (3 miles southeast of Nageezi) and go 21 miles to the park boundary (5 miles of paved road on CR 7900 and 16 miles of dirt road on CR 7950/7985).
Facilities:Campgrounds (é), picnic area, rest rooms (é), bicycle trail, visitor center (é), museum/exhibit, self-guided tour/trail. Entrance fee required.
Activities:Camping, hiking, bicycling, ranger-led walks.
Special Features:The canyon contains 13 major prehistoric sites and hundreds of smaller ones, built by the Ancestral Puebloan People during the 9th through 12th centuries. The Chaco Museum collection contains approximately one million artifacts from more than 120 sites in Chaco Canyon and the surrounding region.

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Based on a symposium held in 2007 at the Amerind Foundation, this volume treats the first-millennium roots of second-millennium Native American communities such as Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde.
Black Chaco Canyon Revery ghost chorus wailing deep.
It is believed that the extended Southwest drought that occurred in the Southwest region around the 1200 A.D., period caused Anazazi and other pre-historic cultures to abandon their pueblo locations in areas such as Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, and others to relocate their pueblos to further east locations such as Zuni Pueblo, the Hopi Mesas and the various pueblo settlements that exist along the Rio Grande Valley today.
It was a treat to see the beautiful canyons and ancient dwellings in the Chaco Canyon area, and the article on the opportunities and struggles that women face was an especially important reminder of the work yet to be accomplished for the rights of individuals.
Located in the University District of Seattle, Chaco Canyon is Washington State's first certified organic vegetarian restaurant.
Kokino Observatory proudly takes the forth place on the Ancient Observatory Sites' list:1)Abu Simbel, Egypt; 2) Stonehenge, Great Britain; 3) Angkor Wat, Cambodia; 4) Kokino Observatory, Macedonia; 5) Goeck, Germany; 6) Big Horn Medicine Wheel, Mont; 7) Chaco Canyon, New Mexico; 8) Chichen Itza, Mexico; 9) Machu Picchu, Peru; 10) Hovenweep Castle, Utah; 11) New Grange, Ireland; 12) Templo Major, Mexico; 13) Armenian Stonehenge, Aremenia; 14) Luoyang Observatory, China; 15) Masuda Iwafune, China.
The pre-Colombian Anasazi culture flourished between 900 and 1150 A.D., culminating in a city in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, that until the nineteenth century contained the largest buildings in the Americas, now uncovered from centuries of drifting sands.
From England's Stonehenge to New Mexico's Chaco Canyon, many of religion's ancient artifacts turn out to be observatories marking important sky events.
The royalty at Chimney Rock - an "outlier" of the brawny Chaco Canyon culture centered 90 miles away in northern New Mexico that ruled the Southwest with a heavy hand from about A.D.