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Overall, Gallup Poll data suggest that the "EUFOR will not necessarily be popular among the Chadian people," observes de Waal.
The accusations against the Chadians have been fanned by several incidents, including one on Monday when Burundian troops in the African Union force said Chadian soldiers opened fire on them as they were disarming former rebels.
BANGUy (CyHAN)- Hundreds more Chadian civilians headed Saturday to their home country after facing repeated attacks and threats from majority Christians in the strife-torn Central African Republic.
We will kill them all," one resident shouted as a truck filled with Chadian families left the capital.
A first convoy of Chadian civilians that left Friday, also under the jeers of angry protesters, turned bloody when Chadian soldiers protecting it threw grenades into the crowd.
The land convoys are in addition to flights set up by the Chadian government that the International Organisation for Migration says has evacuated some 3,000 people in the past week.
Employment is also a critical issue for most Chadians. More than three-quarters of respondents (79%) express dissatisfaction with efforts to increase the number and quality of jobs in the country.
Three in four Chadians (76%) tell Gallup that there were times in the year before they were surveyed when they or their families went hungry.
As natural resources and agricultural products are the pillars of Chad's economy, issues of land use are critical to Chadians. Lake Chad has shrunk by 95% since 1963 and ethnic tensions have caused conflict between farmers from the South and nomadic herders from the North over access to grazing lands and water.
Overwhelmingly, Chadians believe individual land rights should be strengthened and that the country's natural resources should be better managed.
3.SOUNDBITE (Chadian) Fatmata, Chadian IDP from Djangalima village, located on an island on Lake Chad: