Chadwick, Owen

Chadwick, Owen,

1916–2015, British religious historian and educator, b. Bromley, grad. St. John's College, Cambridge (1938, 1939), ordained Anglican priest (1941). He held several positions at Cambridge including Regius professor of modern history (1968–83) and later was (1985–94) chancellor of the Univ. of East Anglia. As head of the Archbishops' Commission on Church and State (1966–70), he was instrumental in producing the Chadwick Report, which altered the constitutional relationship between the Church of England and Parliament and led to the government of the church and its forms of worship by a general synod. A vivid and prolific author, he published his first book, a biography of John CassianCassian, John
(Johannes Cassianus), 360–435, an Eastern Christian monk and theologian who brought Eastern spirituality to the West. Cassian toured the ascetic monastic settlements of Egypt before he was driven from the East during the controversy over the theology of
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, in 1950. Other works include The Reformation (1964), The Victorian Church (2 vol., 1966–70), A History of Christianity (1995), and biographies of J. H. NewmanNewman, SaintJohn Henry,
1801–90, English churchman, theologian, and writer, cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, one of the founders of the Oxford movement, b. London. Newman was canonized in 2019 by Pope Francis.
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 (1983) and A. M. RamseyRamsey of Canterbury, Arthur Michael Ramsey, Baron,
1904–88, archbishop of Canterbury (1961–74), b. Cambridge, England. He was educated at Repton School; Magdalene College, Cambridge; and Cuddesdon Theological College.
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 (1990). Together with his brother, Henry Chadwick, 1920–2008, a priest and historian of the early church, Owen Chadwick also edited the Oxford History of the Christian Church (16 vol., 1981–2010), and contributed three volumes to the series.
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