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Re-occurrence of the threebanded butterflyfish, Chaetodon humeralis, (Chaetodontidae) with notes on its distribution in southern California.
Descriptions of three new fishes of the family Chaetodontidae from the Philippine Islands.
This, to our knowledge, is the first report of cleaning behavior by this species; the nature of its cleaning also appears to be unique within the Chaetodontidae.
In declining order of importance, these families were the Scaridae, Acanthuridae, Holocentridae (exclusively of the subfamily Holocentrinae, the squirrelfishes), Monacanthidae, Priacanthidae, Chaetodontidae, Aulostomidae, and Cirrhitidae (Table 2).
Numerical dominant families found in mangrove surveys included juveniles of Lutjanidae (snapper), Gerreidae (mojarra) and Chaetodontidae (butterflyfish), and resident habitat specialists such as Tetraodontidae (pufferfish) and Rivulidae (killifish).
The difference between summer and spring in the combined ordination of Figure 2 could be due to the lower numbers of larvae captured in spring 2006; however, there were notable absences of families in that sampling period, e.g., no Chaetodontidae or Ogcocephalidae and only a single representative of Pomacentridae.
Development of fishes of the Mid-Atlantic Bight: An atlas of egg, larval, and juvenile stages, V, Chaetodontidae through Ophidiidae.
TABLE 1 Fish species/species groups recorded during surveys of the Punta Leona Marine Reserve during 1995 and 2006 ID (1) Family Species/ Tg (2) Mob (3) species group 1 Acanthuridae Prionurus h m laticlavius 2 Apogonidae Apogon dovii pl s 3 Balistidae Balistes o m polylepis 4 Pseudobalistes o m naufragium 5 Sufflamen verres i m 6 Belonidae Tylosurus p m crocodilus 7 Blennidae Ophoblennius h s steindachneri 8 Carangidae Caranx p m sexfasciatus or caballus 9 Gnathanodon p m specious 10 Trachinotus p m rhodopus 11 Chaetodontidae Chaetodon i s humeralis 12 Johnrandalia o s nigrirostris 13 Cirrhitidae Cirrhitus c s rivulatus 14 Dasyatidae Dasyatis longa i m 15 Diodontidae Diodon sp.
Interspecific variation in sustained swimming ability of late pelagic stage reef fish from two families (Pomacentridae and Chaetodontidae).
Interespecific variation in the distributions and diets of coral reef butterflyfishes (Teleostei: Chaetodontidae).
Las especies pertenecientes a las familias Chaetodontidae, Scaridae y Acanthuridae coinciden con esta distribucion.