Chain Rule

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chain rule

[′chān ‚rül]
A rule for differentiating a composition of functions: (d/dx) ƒ (g (x)) = ƒ′(g (x))· g ′(x).

Chain Rule


a method given in old arithmetic textbooks for converting the measures of one system into the measures of another system by means of a third system.

Suppose, for example, we want to know the number of vershki equal to 3 feet if 1 foot is equal to 12 inches and 28 inches are equal to 16 vershki. To apply the chain rule, we write the elements of the problem in the following form:

x vershki3 feet
1 foot12 inches
28 inches16 vershki

The required number of vershki is obtained by dividing the product of the numbers in the right-hand column by the product of the known numbers in the left-hand column:

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In the function notation, the chain rule indicates: h'(x) = f(g(x)) x g(x).
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