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chain store:

see storestore,
commonly a shop or other establishment for the retail sale of commodities, but also a place where wholesale supplies are kept, exhibited, or sold. Retailing—the sale of merchandise to the consumer—is one of the oldest businesses in the world and was practiced
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Cheng Uei projects sales revenue by the Apple retail chain store to total NT$7 billion throughout this year.
According to the State of the Chains report from the Center for an Urban Future, the number of chain store locations in New York City jumped 3.
Many of our traditional small market towns have indeed lost some of their character and personalityandhalf of that isdueto the insidious nature of chain store operations as well as the fact theworld of retail right now is not very exciting and is actually quite a disappointing place to be," he said.
Under these conditions and in the middle of an economic crisis, further changes are expected as regards the market of retail chain stores for electric and electronic home appliances.
President Chain signed a contract with Plaza Style in May 2006 to bring the chain store to Taiwan.
The chain stores association said overall sales in October declined due to sluggish clothing sales for the fall season, which it said were affected by a series of typhoons and the rainy weather.
Increasing power costs and new clean air regulations have forced corporations with chain store operations to focus on energy-savings and cleaner air.
If retailers execute well, there's room for both the chain stores and the independent stores.
Judging from new memberships taken out with the chamber over the past few years, Brooksbank says he has noticed an "awful lot" of chain stores coming to Northern Ontario.
The products will be featured at over 10,000 national chain stores throughout the United States.
The chain stores association said overall sales in September dropped due to sluggish clothing sales for the fall season, which were hit by bad weather.
The advantage of many of these spaces is they are in community-type neighborhoods, which opens up the opportunity for a variety of chain stores to take over.