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(prăchän`də) [the fierce one], nom de guerre of

Pushpa Kamal Dahal

(po͞osh`pä kəmäl` dəhäl), 1954–, Nepalese military and political leader, prime minister of Nepal (2008–9, 2016–17). Born into a Brahmin family, he earned a degree in agriculture and taught agricultural science. Politically a Communist, he became a member of the militant Maoist Communist party, rose rapidly in it, and soon was living underground. By the 1990s he had become chief military strategist and supreme commander of Nepal's Maoist rebels, and beginning in the mid-1990s he led a guerrilla insurgency. After a decade of bloody warfare and protracted negotiations, the rebels joined the government in 2006. In Apr., 2008, the Maoists won more than a third of the constituent assembly seats, and in Aug., 2008, Prachanda became prime minister. He resigned the following May when the president reversed his firing of the head of the army. In 2016–17 he again served as prime minister, this time under a power-sharing agreement between the Congress party and the Maoists.
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CPN chairman Prachanda believes that this is the gesture shown by the government towards China.
As things stand now, Maoist Centre Chairman Prachanda is the front runner for the job with the support of opposition Nepali Congress (NC).
The idea of forming an election government under Regmi was floated by Maoist Chairman Prachanda earlier this month.
Speaking at the press meeting, Baidya said that the faction was compelled to form a new party as the UCPN-M Chairman Prachanda and Vice-Chairman and Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai deviated from the party line.
At the standing committee meeting on Thursday, the Maoists realised that the arithmetic for chairman Prachanda's victory was not favourable.
''Our chairman Prachanda is no longer a prime ministerial candidate,'' said the Maoist party's vice chairman Narayankaji Shrestha.
Although Maoist Chairman Prachanda's speech at Khula Manch on Saturday was relatively moderate, other party leaders have been less so.
It later transpired that to get Maoist support, Khanal had reached a secret seven-point deal with Maoist chairman Prachanda promising a long-term partnership in governance between the two parties, an equitable distribution of internal affairs and defense portfolios between the two parties and exploration of all possible options to settle the future of Maoist combatants, including the formation of a separate security force.
The breakthrough came after opposition Unified CPN (Maoist) withdrew its Chairman Prachanda from the electoral race and decided to vote for Khanal.
The degree of escalation of the protests will depend on the flexibility shown by the government and the disputes that will arise between Maoist Chairman Prachanda and number two in the party Baburam Bhattarai.
Koirala and Maoist chairman Prachanda. He is also scheduled to meet top Madhesi leaders and the ruling Communist Party of Nepal ( UML) chief Jhalanath Khanal.

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