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the name for various sacred objects in India. In art history, the term is usually used in reference to an architectural type characteristic of Buddhist architecture in ancient and medieval India. It consists of an elongated cave cut into a cliff, with a vaulted ceiling and a stupa in the back as an object of worship.

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A Buddhist or Hindu sanctuary, shrine, or temple.
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A related architectural term is a chaitya, which is a prayer hall or temple containing a stupa.
During the meeting, Chinese envoy Yanqi informed Joshi that his book Swet Chaitya (White Pagoda) written by him would be translated into Chinese.
Azad will be visiting the Chaitya Bhoomi in Mumbai, a memorial dedicated to B.R.
Dadar is not just the hub of the Maharashtra community but home to 'Chaitya Bhumi', the memorial to the architect of India's constitution Dr.
Rajasingham said that 'chaitya' is no more seen in the Anuradhapura region, and not only laymen, but also the Buddhist monks are failing in their duty to respect their Tamil brethren to bring about reconciliation in this country.
Their topics include the appropriation of the goddess into the Puranic narrative: integration/appropriation in the Vamanapurana, the Yaksini Devi of Mangaon: appropriation of a Jain goddess by Bhrahminic Hinduism, whether Ravidas and the Ganga represent appropriation or contestation, the goddess Chinnamasta's severed head as a re-appropriation of the cosmic sacrifice, from a Saktipitha to Kuladaivata: the appropriation of goddess Jogai of Ambe, and Ekveera Devi and the son Kolis of Mumbai: whether the Kilis appropriated the Karle Buddhist Chaitya. Distributed in the US by ISBS.
It considers that " the condition of integrity of the nominated property has not been met." Boundaries should be drawn to include all areas and attributes which are direct tangible expressions of its ' Outstanding Universal Value.' Covering an area of 23 hectares, it includes the remains of the principle stupa , four chaitya s, 11 vihara s and a large number of shrines.
And for Buddhaghosa, one who is engaged in recollecting the Buddha is to be venerated like a chaitya (Vism vii.67).
Patan town is characterized by Durbar square nearly at the center of the town, numerous temples, viharas, public places in form of open squares, water fountains, Pati (semi covered shelter), Stupa and Chaitya. Traditional houses in wood and brick are linear with double bays running parallel along the street and gable part of the house joining with the next.
Another thirty years after Marshall, and in reference to the siting of Chaitya VIII at the center of the monastic complex at Mahad, one of the numerous Buddhist caves sites in Western India, M.