Years of birth and death unknown. Twelfth-century Georgian author of odes.

Chakhrukhadze wrote a collection of panegyrical poems entitled Tamariani, in which he idealized the empress Tamara. The verse form he created was called Chakhrukhauli in his honor and was widely used in Georgian classical poetry.


In Russian tranlsation:
Tamariani. Tbilisi, 1943.


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One would have liked a transliterated illustration of the hypnotic rhyme schemes of the twelfth-century court poet Grigol Chakhrukhadze, who sang of Queen Tamar 'xma-narnari, p'ir-mcinari | mze-mcinari, sacinari, c' q' ali mknari, momdinari ...' (of soothing voice, smiling face | smiling sun, visible to all, rushing water, flowing by ...), or of the heady, seductive verse of Besiki (t' ano-t' at' ano, gulc' amt' ano, ucxod marebo!