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A small tumor of the eyelid formed by retention of tarsal gland secretions. Also known as a Meibomian cyst.



a chronic inflammation in the meibomian glands resulting in the formation of a solid nodule, 5–6 mm or more in size, lodged within the eyelid and deforming it. The nodule sometimes bursts open of its own accord. The condition is treated by applying an ointment of yellow mercury or potassium iodide; when large, the nodules may be removed by surgical means.

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The book describes eye injuries and disorders of surrounding structures, such as chemical burns, foreign objects, blowout fractures, chalazion, and eyelid tumors; congenital, hereditary, and other disorders that affect vision, like color blindness, albinism, Down syndrome, stroke,diabetes, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, infectious diseases like herpes, and traumatic injuries, and preventing injuries; and living with low vision, including home modifications, driving, independence, travel, and employment.
In many cases correct diagnosis of SGC of the eyelid is delayed because of its ability to masquerade as a variety of other ocular conditions such as chalazion, chronic blepharoconjunctivitis, basal cell carcinoma or other eyelid tumors.
A simple eye treatment device developed three years ago by Yorkshire based consultant ophthalmologist, Teifi James was borne out of his 20 years of conducting eye clinics and seeing patients suffering with some aspect of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) such as dry eye syndromes, blepharitis, stye and chalazion.
A IN this age group, a lump under the eyelid is usually caused by a chalazion - a cyst in the lubricating glands of the eye.