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with its more than 100 species and 13 genera, we get back to the kind of supraocular pattern we were reporting before for scincids as some Eumeces, Scincus or Chalcides, all lizards showing a tendency to minimization of legs and to having snake-like features.
A negative correlation between number of presacral vertebrae and number of phalanges, an index of limb reduction, occurs in two skink genera, Lerista and Chalcides (Greer 1987; Caputo et al.
Body elongation and limb reduction in the genus Chalcides Laurenti 1768 (Squamata: Scincidae): A comparative study.
Within-island microgeographic variation in the color pattern of the skink, Chalcides sexlineatus: Pattern and cause.
Corticosteroids and immune system in the lizard Chalcides ocellatus.