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(shălôN`-sür-sōn), town (1990 pop. 56,259), Saône-et-Loire dept., E central France, in Burgundy, on the Saône River and the Canal Central. It is an inland port and railway center with a large wine and grain trade. The town contains a thermal power station; its many manufactures include metal products, electrical equipment, barges, textiles, chemicals, and glass. Of pre-Roman origin, it was the capital of King Guntram of Burgundy (6th cent.) and the scene of 10 church councils, most notably the one convoked by Charlemagne in 813. Its cathedral, begun in the 12th cent., was completed in the 15th cent.



a city in eastern France, in Saône-et-Loire Department, on the Saône River and the Canal du Centre. Population, 71,000 (1975). Chalon-sur-Saône is a transportation junction and a river port. Industries include metallurgy and machine building, with the manufacture of atomic power plant equipment, machine tools, riverboats, and locomotives. The city also produces metal structural components and photographic film and has a sugar factory.

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April 21, 1142, Priory of Saint-Marcel, near Chalon-sur-Saone,Burgundy [now in France])
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Highlights include Nice, Arles, Avignon, Viviers, Tournon, Tain l'Hermitage, Lyon, Macon, Tournus, Chalon-sur-Saone and Beaune.
Next year sees new ship Emerald Liberte on a new itinerary to Lyon, Chalon-sur-Saone, Beaune, Macon, Tournon, Avignon and Arles.
Vendredi, Nanterre a retrouve la magie qui lui avait permis de sortir en quart de finale Gravelines, la meilleure equipe de la saison reguliere, et en demi-finale Chalon-sur-Saone, le champion en titre.
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