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any of several plants that spring up in fire-swept regions, especially the great willow herb Epilobium, which is classified in the family Onagraceae (evening primroseevening primrose,
common name for the Onagraceae, a family of plants of worldwide distribution, most species of which grow as herbs in the temperate New World, and specifically for members of the genus Oenothera.
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4-petal pink flowers with thin pointy leaves. Leaf and root used to make tea as anti-inflammatory for digestive, stomach and bowel problems. Young shoots best to eat. There is a different plant also called fireweed- see “Pilewort”



(Epilobium angustifolium), a perennial herbaceous plant of the genus Epilobium. The inhabitants of Kopor’e, a village near St. Petersburg, used its leaves for making tea (hence the plant’s Russian common name, koporskii chai).

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Chamerion angustifolium Mosquin is an example of an "invader" strategy; the species was absent in the prefire forest and in the unburned forest, but it occupied 60.5% of the burned forest sample sites after the fire (Table 2).
Right-of-way (ROW) (ROW) Species in strata Prefire Postfire Less than 1 m Larix laricina Picea mariana Salix arbusculoides 0.3-1 m Arctagrostic latifolia 21.1 Betula nana 13.2 Carexn membranacea 2.6 Chamerion angustifolium 2.6 Eriophorum brachyantherum Larix laricina 10.5 Ledum groenlandicum 73.7 Picea mariana 13.2 Potentilla fruticosa 23.7 Rosa acicularis 2.6 Salix arbusculoides 15.8 Salix glauca Shepherdia canadensis 2.6 Vaccinium uliginosum 0-0.3 m Alnus viridis ssp.