Camille Chamoun

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Chamoun, Camille


Born 1900 in Deir el Qamer. Lebanese statesman and political figure.

Chamoun received a law degree in 1924. He held various government posts during the 1930’s and 1940’s, and from 1952 to 1958 he was president of Lebanon. As president, Chamoun carried out a policy of rapprochement with the imperialist powers. He was forced to resign in September 1958 as a result of a popular uprising.

In 1958, Chamoun founded the National Liberal Party, the party of the reactionary Maronite bourgeoisie, landowners, and clergy, and became its chairman. He was a leader of the reactionary forces of the right during the Lebanese civil war of 1975–76.

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On the recent Israeli threats to Lebanon if Hizbullah joins the government, Chamoun was quoted by AN NAHAR as saying, "what matters most to all Lebanese is that war doesn't occur, if we--all Lebanese--respect [United Nations Security Council] Resolution 1701.
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MP Hariri also mentioned her brother's efforts to reconstruct the Camille Chamoun City Sportive, which was inaugurated in 1998 to host the Arab Tournament the same year.
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"These streets are for everybody," said Hassan Chamoun, a protester.
Minister Fenianos then met with Head of the National Liberal Party MP Dory Chamoun, who lauded the Minister's efforts in securing balanced development up and down the country, with no exceptions.