Chan Chan

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Chan Chan

(chän chän), ruins of an ancient city near Trujillo, N Peru. An early example of city planningcity planning,
process of planning for the improvement of urban centers in order to provide healthy and safe living conditions, efficient transport and communication, adequate public facilities, and aesthetic surroundings.
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, with a rectangular grid structure, it was probably begun in the period from A.D. 950 to 1400, and it is estimated that it may have contained as many as 200,000 people. Chan Chan is generally accepted as the capital of the ChimuChimu
, ancient civilization on the desert coast of N Peru. It is believed to have begun c.1200. The Moche, an earlier civilization, was previously known as early Chimu or proto-Chimu. After the decline of the Moche (c.
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, a pre-Inca civilization. It is on a large plain of the coastal desert, which was made arable by extensive irrigation works. Covering c.11 sq mi (28 sq km), the city comprised at least 10 self-contained, walled-in units. The walls, built of adobe brick, are decorated with relief designs.

Chan Chan


the ruins of the capital of the legendary kingdom of Chimor (the Chimú archaeological culture); located in Peru, near Trujillo, in the Moche River valley. Chan Chan, which dates from the first half of the second millennium B.C., had an area of about 18 sq km. Its center comprised rectangular palace complexes, with high (to 9 m) walls of mud brick; each complex included courtyards, storehouses and other outbuildings, and necropolises. Many walls were covered with textile-like reliefs depicting rows of geometricized birds, animals, and people. The edge of the city was randomly built up with dwellings of the common inhabitants.


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