Chand Bardai

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Chand Bardai


Lived in the second half of the 12th century. Indian poet and storyteller.

Chand Bardai wrote in a Rajasthani dialect. He is the author of the heroic epic poem Prithiraj Raso, which recounts the life of the Delhi prince Prithwiraj III. According to legend, Chand Bardai lived at Prithwiraj’s court. The poem, which long existed only in oral form, glorifies the military victories and romantic exploits of the feudal lords. The modern version, with later additions, dates no earlier than the 17th century. Approximately 50 known manuscript versions exist, the earliest of which dates from 1610.


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But a joker doesn't consume coal." Also, in a departure from what his party stands for in terms of caste politics, Vishwas continuously invoked caste sentiments and kept reminding the people in a series of nukkad ( local) meetings that he was " a descendent Chanakya and Chand Bardai", who were instrumental in demolishing empires in 300 BC and 12th Century, respectively.