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Senior officials from Taiwan and China attended the funeral of former Chinese warlord Chang Hsueh-liang in Hawaii on Tuesday, paying homage to a patriotic man who forced the feuding parties in the Chinese civil war to jointly fight the invading Japanese, local media reported.
Former Chinese warlord Chang Hsueh-liang, who gained fame and blame for forcing Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek into an alliance with the Communists against the invading Japanese, died of pneumonia at a Honolulu hospital Sunday, TVBS satellite television network reported Monday.
Taiwan Premier Chang Chun-hsiung visited former Chinese warlord Chang Hsueh-liang during a stopover in Hawaii on Monday, Taiwan's semiofficial Central News Agency reported Tuesday.
The health of former Chinese warlord Chang Hsueh-liang has deteriorated markedly since the death of his wife Chao Yi-ti last summer, two of Chang's acquaintances said Friday.