change management

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change management

(system management)
Techniques that aid in evolution, composition and policy management of the design and implementation of an object or system.
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configuration management

(1) In a network, a system for gathering current configuration information from all nodes in a LAN.

(2) In software development, a system for keeping track of large projects. Although version control, which maintains a database of revisions, is part of the system, a full-blown software configuration management system (SCM system or CM system) automatically documents all components used to build executable programs. It is able to recreate each build as well as to recreate earlier environments in order to maintain previous versions of a product. It may also be used to prevent unauthorized access to files or to alert the appropriate users when a file has been altered.

Increasingly, parts of version control and configuration management are being added to application development systems. Examples of stand-alone configuration management systems are PVCS, CA Harvest and ClearCase. See CSCI and version control.

version control

The management of source code and related documents, images and other elements that are part of a software project. Version-control software provides a database (repository) that maintains all revisions made to an application by all the programmers involved in it. It allows developers to revert to a previous version if necessary as well as to review the changes made from one version to another. See configuration management, PVCS and CVS.
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