Change to Win Federation

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Change to Win Federation,

coalition of seven labor unions representing primarily American workers. It was founded in 2005 as the Change to Win Coalition by five American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial OrganizationsAmerican Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations
(AFL-CIO), a federation of autonomous labor unions in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, and U.S.
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 unions that had united to make changes in the AFL-CIO that were aimed at rebuilding the American labor movement. The original members were the Service Employees International UnionService Employees International Union
(SEIU), labor union representing U.S. and Canadian workers in health care (doctors, nurses, health technicians), public services (government workers, school employees), building services (janitors, elevator operators, security officers) and
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 (SEIU), Teamsters UnionTeamsters Union,
U.S. labor union formed in 1903 by the amalgamation of the Team Drivers International Union and the Teamsters National Union. Its full name is the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen, and Helpers of America (IBT).
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, Union of Needle and Industrial Textile Employees–Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees (Unite Here), Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA), and United Food and Commercial Workers International (UFCW). Failing in their reform efforts, these unions disaffiliated (2005) from the AFL-CIO, founded the new labor association, and were soon joined by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners and the United Farm Workers. In 2009, however, the carpenters union and Unite Here (which suffered its own split, with many members joining SEIU) left Change to Win, and LIUNA rejoined the AFL-CIO in 2010. Change to Win's basic aim is to increase union membership by organizing workers. Headed by Anna Burger, the first woman to lead an American labor federation, it has more than 5.4 million members.
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He co-founded CtW Investment Group, which advises public and private sector pension funds sponsored by unions affiliated with the Change to Win Federation.
Reform efforts also got a boost this week when rival labor unions, the AFL-CIO and the Change to Win federation, agreed to join forces to support an overhaul of the immigration system.
We have partnered with six other unions that are similarly focused on growth, forming the Change To Win federation.
Last year six million members of the AFL-CIO left to form the rival Change to Win Federation.
Both unions are founding members of the Change to Win federation at www.
LCLAA is a constituency group representing Latino activists and union members belonging to the AFL-CIO and the Change to Win Federation.
Hunt, who is also President of the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers, added: "As candidates put forth by the AFL-CIO and Change to Win Federation, and approved by ULLICO's board of directors, they also represent a unified labor movement's solid commitment to this company.
com will join local Change to Win federation members, workers and community activists in a public rally at the South Steps of the Capitol in Sacramento at 11 a.
The UFCW, a member of the Change to Win Federation, represents 1.
com, local Change to Win federation members, workers, and community activists will lead a public rally at a Wal-Mart store located at 3250 Big Dalton Ave in Baldwin Park at 6 p.
Also attending were United Food and Commercial Worker President Joe Hansen, Change to Win Federation Secretary-Treasurer Edgar Romney and UNITE HERE International Vice President and Local 35 President Bob Proto.
The ads, which will air in Laredo and San Antonio in both English and Spanish, are the first joint effort of the unions belonging to the Change to Win federation to hold politicians accountable for positions that affect working families.